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- - How did this happen?

A strange night of peace.

In a burning mansion, that's all I think about when I'm dying.

Lost most of the spell dolls (human gators) and the ceremonial God sealed them all.

The god of trump cards was also defeated. The wreckage crushed the mansion and still raises the blue flame and burns.

I lost my left arm. I can't tie the perfect mark anymore.

My lungs are burned with smoke and I can't even utter the truth.

Honored as the strongest yin and yang master of all time.

"One Hundred Nights" and "Living Hell Gate" are feared.

I lived more than a hundred years as a young man.

This was the end of the road.

I sought strength from a young age.

Because I thought there was nothing to lose as long as that. Because I thought I'd be happy.

Get as much strength as you want, and I'll be the strongest.

And I lost everything.

Strategies and treachery.

That's the name of the man who killed the strongest.

Think of it, it was all set up.

He also took his disciples hostage.

Sometimes I had to turn the court to my enemies.

And... he came to me crying, about that kid too.

It was brilliant.

I don't know which nobleman or royal family the mastermind is, but really brilliantly, I was driven into a predicament.

The strongest didn't do anything.

Was there still a limit to power alone?

We should have circled the plot and stood around well to keep a large crowd on our side at all times.

Now I know exactly what I was missing - cunning.

Okay, so it's okay now.

Next time (...) do it well.

Wrap an incomplete mark with your trembling right hand.

Speak truthfully like a whisper with a scorched throat.

One curse that I cherished rises in smoke.

To be used at the end of this life, secret art.

The curse of reincarnation.

Do it again, do it again.

I don't know how Japan will change in the future. No, on the contrary, it is also likely to be born in a completely different country.

But this time it won't fail.

The next raw one - I'll be happy.

The curse emits light.

A magic formation appears around me falling. [M]

Consciousness goes far.

And I...

This novel has been translated by and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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